The benefits you can reap by joining our team are unfathomable. We provide Good news mentions to brand exposure for events. This increases the foot traffic sales to help you reach your target audience by tailoring your event to the type of people you hope to attract. We give high importance to customer service and relations. Hence, we provide you a chance to interact with your customers that can create a memorable impression and create valuable connections. With these we also encourage social media promotions at a large scale which can also be used to promote by our customers


Awkevents helps you build up a strong online profile depending your event, target audience, description etc. We Promote events in the most creative manner possible that trigger’s our costumer’s curiosity. We write articles to a medium and add powerful calls to action while we publish events. Also our connections with influencers to our website help us promote the event on every manner and social media platform available and give you a chance to grow.


Event pricing strategy is tricky business. Awkevents helps you set the right pricing for every event that can help you ensure a sellout event. Here we help you find an optimum ticket price that will appeal to the costumers and benefit everyone. We ensure pricing to an equilibrium ration to the fun a person can experience at our events.


We don’t do criteria !!Looking forward to feed your passion?Your Passion should be your Attitude.. and be ready to expand your dimension.Carry your passion along and we will help you make it happen in Real.


Awkevents is super easy to use with a simplistic layout which is totally convenient for organizers. Our technology- sophisticated online registration comes with a host of useful features. Most affordable online based event registration tool. On top of this, our ingenious (/insightful/shrewd) pricing model allows event managers as well as organisers to avail various facilities provided by us.